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7 Healthcare Communication Tips During the Coronavirus Crisis

by | Mar 17, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic currently has all of us in uncharted territory. The situation seems to be changing at an increasingly rapid pace and we’re all just trying to keep up. When it comes to your healthcare practice, the goal should be clear, concise communications that provide useful information. 

Here are a few suggestions on how healthcare businesses should be communicating during this crisis.  

Be proactive 

People are looking for reassurance. It is better to over-communicate, as long as all information is true and relevant, than to go silent. 

Keep it simple 

Now is not the time for lengthy posts. Your focus should be on what’s important to your patients. Healthcare crisis communication should be simple and straightforward. 

Put people first 

Of course, we are all worried about the financial aspects of this crisis, but right now the focus should be on information, providing help, and the safety of patients and employees. That doesn’t mean you should stop service line marketing, just tone down sales rhetoric. 

Be accurate! 

This is especially important. Do not inadvertently pass along information that is untrue or inaccurate. Double-check every fact and don’t rush to publish something without making sure it’s factual first. 

Make information easy to find 

Contact patients and staff directly and then post on multiple platforms in accordance with HIPAA and any federal, state, or local guidance. 

Track and measure audience response

Use monitoring tools to listen to the community and the response to any and all communication. Alter frequency and/or messaging if necessary. 

Stay positive – but truthful

You don’t want to add to any fears your patients or employees may have, so try to be positive. However, you shouldn’t downplay facts or pass along false information.

The third point—putting people first—is especially important to us. Nichols is doing everything we can to offer help to our customers while keeping our employees safe. Have questions? Email me anytime at MKlein@WeTellYourStory.com.

Matt Klein - VP Account Services
Matt Klein believes that the business of healthcare is personal — because healthcare is personal. It’s a subject he’s very passionate about. Throughout his career, he’s worked with a wide variety of clients across the spectrum of healthcare, including large national companies such as Advocate Health Care and Pfizer, regional powerhouses including St. Vincent’s Health System and IU Health, and smaller, specialized facilities such as Advocate Eureka, Orthopedic Sports Enhancement Center, and Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology.

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