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4 Trends for Healthcare Marketing

by | Apr 22, 2019

The thought of climbing Mount Everest is daunting. The same could be said when considering a strategic marketing plan for your healthcare organization. However, just like climbing a mountain, successful healthcare marketing takes one step at a time. A good first step is implementing the following four trends in healthcare marketing. These trends will lay a solid foundation for a strategic marketing plan that will position your organization’s brand as a leader while directly reaching your target market.

Trend 1 – Mobile/Responsive Website Design

Almost all of us carry around a handheld computer that provides instant access to any topic of information. So of course that is how searches for products and services are now done – through smartphones. Responsive web design enables your site to adjust to the proper screen size of your consumer’s view – whether it’s mobile, tablets or traditional computers. Responsive mobile design is no longer an option, it’s a must. In fact, if your website is not designed for mobile you are being penalized in search results.

Trend 2 – Content Marketing

We live in a digitally connected world that provides a wealth of knowledge and information. As a healthcare practice you need to have a digital presence and that means content creation. Content marketing is not selling. It is creating blogs, videos, etc., that gives your audience useful information regardless if they become your patients. Consumers are constantly looking for information. By providing your target audience with relevant and worthwhile content you have the opportunity to become a trusted resource they turn to again and again.

Trend 3 – Video Marketing

As noted in the first trend, mobile must be priority in marketing initiatives, and video marketing plays right into the habits and preferences of mobile users. In fact, research studies show that younger generations spend more time daily on their cell phones than watching TV. In addition, more people are reporting that they are often watching a “second screen” on their phone while watching TV. Video allows for a broader and more creative way to communicate with your target audience. Video, especially when combined with relevant written content, provides an excellent multi-touch connection to further strengthen your brand position.

Trend 4 – Local SEO & SEM

Digital marketing has provided the savvy marketer the ability to be very precise in target marketing. For example, let’s say that your main competitor has dropped out of the OB service line. You can create digital ads via Google Ads and social media channels that target specific zip codes in that market with just OB advertising. Healthcare is personal and therefore your marketing needs to be personal as well. It’s vital that any digital plan is location-based and focused on your specific market. There is no value to creating a digital plan that serves ads to potential customers that are too far away.

While this list is called trends, it should be more appropriately called imperatives. Healthcare marketing is getting more complicated and crowed all the time. Just like climbing a mountain, it can seem overwhelming. However, by taking a measured approach and focusing on these four game-changers, you can set your organization on the path to success.

Matt Klein - VP Account Services
Matt Klein believes that the business of healthcare is personal — because healthcare is personal. It’s a subject he’s very passionate about. Throughout his career, he’s worked with a wide variety of clients across the spectrum of healthcare, including large national companies such as Advocate Health Care and Pfizer, regional powerhouses including St. Vincent’s Health System and IU Health, and smaller, specialized facilities such as Advocate Eureka, Orthopedic Sports Enhancement Center, and Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology.

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