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Telemedicine Customer Service Tips

Healthcare Marketing Telemedicine is already an incredibly powerful tool; but focusing on customer service will help elevate the use of telemedicine to much greater heights. Consumer usage rises when patients are happy with the customer service they receive– and...

How Healthcare Marketing is Getting Personal

Healthcare Marketing For a long time, the healthcare industry was focused on one very large population – Baby Boomers. The focus of marketing was directed to them and presented in a way that made that group most comfortable. But today, healthcare marketers are...

Healthcare Consumerism

Healthcare Marketing We are living in the information age where a seemingly endless stream of information of all types is available to everyone at any time. When it comes to healthcare, this easy access to medical information has helped fuel the growing trend of...

2021 Marketing Trends for Healthcare

Results for "" Here we are looking at a new year. The entire world seems ready to turn the page on 2020. As we look forward to a better 2021, our focus at Nichols Healthcare is on what to expect for healthcare marketing. Overall, we believe 2021 will be a...

Realigning Strategic Focus Post COVID-19

Matt Around the world, governments, industries and people are continuing to adjust to life amid COVID-19. While no industry has gone untouched by the crisis, healthcare has undergone tremendous changes to adapt to the public’s needs.  While the crisis is not over,...

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