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Smart Medicine
The only constant in healthcare is change. It’s no different in healthcare marketing. At Nichols Healthcare, we not only keep up with these changes, but we work to stay ahead of the curve with the latest digital strategies backed by smart, personalized messaging for an overall effect that not only gets your healthcare practice noticed, but inspires patients to choose you over the competition.

A Balanced Approach
There’s so much attention these days to the digital aspect of medical marketing, and it’s certainly a major part of what we do at Nichols Health. A common statistic used is that as high as 80% of healthcare provider searches begin online or through social media. However, what often isn’t cited is the fact that the potential audience for healthcare includes almost everyone. We all need medical attention or advice at some point – whether for ourselves or family members. So, in order to succeed, you have to do it all. Nichols Health thrives in both digital and traditional marketing. We believe that it takes a balanced approach, focusing not only on digital and analytics, but also making sure the messaging is targeted and relevant.

Our Work

The only constant in
healthcare is change.

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Healthcare Marketing
Services Strategy

Strategic Planning
Marketing Plan Development
Goal Development
Service Line Marketing
Online Community Management
Data Driven Marketing
Social Media Management


Targeted Creative Development
Traditional Media Services (print, radio, television, outdoor)
Comprehensive Advertising Campaigns (including traditional and social media)
Content Creation
Digital Optimization
Public Relations and Event Planning
Social Media Management and Event Posts
SEM/SEO Management
Website Creation and Hosting


Marketing Performance Monitoring
Competitive Monitoring and Analysis
Data Analysis
Cost Effectiveness Analysis
ROI Monitoring and Analysis
Effectiveness Control
A/B Ad Testing

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